About Us

ASD Software Business solutions is an Information Technology Solutions and Services company having development center in India.


ASDGBS provides information technology and automation solutions cutting across various domains ranging from life sciences to manufacturing. Its domain knowledge, talent pool, expertise, and goodwill are unrivaled. ASDGBS has capabilities to build, deliver and support Enterprise Applications and Custom Software Solutions. ASDGBS services include Consulting, Business Application blue-printing, and Data Migration in different domains covering niche areas like Life science and Healthcare. ASDGBS follows best IT practices approach for building and delivering quality solutions to customers.

Our Strength

·       High responsiveness

·       Mature Software development

·       Transparent and controllable visibility at all phases of the project

·       On-time and within budget delivery

·       Global application delivery model


What We Give You

·       Comprehensive end-to-end Business, Scientific, Technology Solutions and Software services - R&D, ERP, Extended Enterprise and Point Solutions

·       Implementation and support of enterprise solutions

·       Development, implementation, and enhancement of custom solutions


·       Managed Services like IT Infrastructure Maintenance and Database Maintenance